May 17, 2022

Squat 0-50 5,5 Squat Machine 105 5 leg press 316 8
Press 30-45 6,6 Press Machine 50 6 Toe Raise 316 8

From “Ketones, the Fourth Fuel” by Travis Christopherson via Dr Tim Noakes:

“In truth, what Cahill had revealed was 2 distinct forms of metabolism, one that operated under a standard American diet, heavy in carbohydrate intake, and the other that operated under conditions of fasting, extreme caloric restriction, or a very-low-carbohydrate ketogenic diet”

“The difference centered on the activity of the hormone and the liver”.

“’Thus we can think of the liver as working in one of two modes: a low-insulin state characterized by gluconeogenesis, lipolysis (fat burning), and ketogenesis; and a high-insulin state characterized by glycolysis, lipogenesis [fat synthesizing], and fat export’”.