May 26, 2022

Dr Paul Saladino on skin cancer (from his email newsletter)

“What is up truthseeker,

Riddle me this. Why do tan people look more attractive?

It’s because as humans we KNOW that being in the sun is good for us.

Yet I still get a ton of emails and DM’s from people saying

Paul, you’re too tan…

And aren’t you worried about skin cancer?

Well heck no, I’m not worried about skin cancer.

Here’s the deal…

I don’t believe there is convincing evidence that the sun is the only pure cause of skin cancer.

I think it’s all about context, just like LDL and cholesterol.

Context is everything.

What do I mean by context?

The context is that we’ve evolved in the sun and you make vitamin D in your skin for God’s sake!

And you also make nitric oxide, endorphins, all these things that are ESSENTIAL to be human, in your skin…

So why would the sun also be bad for you?

But wait, Paul, what about the dose makes the poison?

Yes this is true and it’s certainly possible to get too much sun…

How do you know when you’ve had too much sun?

Well, when you get burned, you’re skin clearly gives you a signal that you’ve been in the sun too long, because you’re burned.

That’s very clear.

But if you’re not burning, and if you’re tanning, like I do, and if your melanin is increasing, I do not believe that is going to cause skin cancer.

Why would something we know is good for humans also cause skin cancer?

I don’t believe the sun does cause skin cancer in and of itself…

Ad again, we have to look at the context. What is the context here?

Are the cell membranes of your dermis and epidermis full of seed oils?

More specifically, are they full of Linoleic Acid?

Are they full of Omega-6 Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids that are going to be oxidized, degraded, and broken down in the sun leading to issues?

That is the question.

How much of the seed oils in your diet have gone to your cell membranes?

Don’t put seed oils in your skin. Don’t eat them and your risk of skin cancer will be much lower.

It is all about context, and the question is – how healthy are you fundamentally?

Sun is a critical part of optimal health, as is nature and movement.

These things all works together…

When you don’t eat evolutionarily inappropriate seed oils…

And when you get animal fats and organs, and you get nutrients, then the sun is GOOD for you.

That’s right. It’s GOOD for you!

It increases testosterone, increases sex hormones, and makes you vital and virile…

So don’t fear it!

Truthseekers already know this!

I recently did an updated podcast on this:

The Sun episode: Naked tanning, benefits, skin cancer risk, dangers of sunscreen

So if you’re still on the fence about the sun I highly suggest you take a listen!

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