Jun 1, 2022

A tweet led me to the book: “Cholesterol and statins: Sham science and bad medicine” by Dr. Michel de Lorgeril, a French cardiologist.

From the Amazon intro:

“This is what Michel de Lorgeril brilliantly demonstrates with this new book. Dr de Lorgeril is a medical doctor and scientist, internationally renowned for his research into the Mediterranean diet, omega-3 fatty acids and polyphenols.

He speaks out against this collective regulatory insanity, based on biased, truncated and often falsified studies.

– The theory that cholesterol ‘blocks arteries’, that it causes heart attacks and strokes is an illusion that does not stand up to any physiological, experimental, epidemiological or clinical argument.
– Contrary to current dogma, statins do not reduce mortality, and this book provides irrefutable proof of this.
– These drugs, which can lead to diabetes and cancers, can also cause severe muscle damage, cognitive impairment and sexual dysfunction.”

Reading the Kindle Sample shows among other things:

1- Vioxx problems hidden by Merck in 1999

2- Celebrex problems hidden by Pfizer

3- Schering-Plough donates $2 million per year to the AHA