Jun 2, 2022

Have suspected PUFAs as the real villain for a while, without direct evidence, other than increased Oxidation in Mitochondria from seed oils. This series of articles goes into a little history and a lot of the whys. Unfortunately the guy also is trying sell some products, so I wonder a little. But it fits…. and he cites scientific studies…. https://fireinabottle.net/pufa-induced-reductive-stress-as-a-unifying-mechanism-in-obesity/


Is the world learning? From Joy Y. Kidde, MSc RD: “Lots of interest in the American Diabetes Association new 28-page Guide for Health Care providers to help them assess the use & effectively implement a #lowcarb diet in adults with #T2D and no wonder. They are leading the way for other countries!https://www.lchf-rd.com/2022/05/30/ada-guide-for-health-care-providers/