Jun 5, 2022

I went into Veterinary Medicine partially because I wanted to learn how the body works.  That continues to this day, though my scholarship may not be as structured.  I am, however, grateful that veterinary medicine spent a lot of time on diet and how the food was absorbed.

I think we are at a summary time in where the main focus of this blog may be:

  1. Diet is critical to health with 2 main things being base causes:  1) how things affect the mitochondria & 2) reactions to food we eat.
  2.  What we are eating is strongly affected by the Food companies and the diet propaganda from the medical community.  The Standard American Diet (SAD) is very profitable for the food companies, the medical profession and Big Pharma.  But it is not healthy because of the emphasis on low fat, “whole grains” & unsaturated fats.

The mitochondria are the so-called “powerhouse of the cell.” They process carbs, fats, and ketones via the Krebs Cycle to produce energy.  In turn, the mitochondria determine the life of the cell and the tissues and so lead to health or problems depending on how they are fueled.

They work very well with saturated fats & ketones, and work pretty well with carbs “(hence many early human societies ate a lot of carbs and were healthy and lean.)   A lot of the problem is Linoleic Acid, which is a component of PUFAs (omega-6).  The hard part is that some omega-6 are needed, but too many lead to 1) decreased metabolic rate 2) excess Free Oxygen Radicals.  Some Free Radicals are actually needed to help regulate the mitochondria; excess leads to destruction of mDNA & cellular death.  Decreasing the metabolic rate means you use less energy and get fat  more easily.  Also exercise affects mitochondrial reproduction and health…. another whole topic.

Food reactions stem first from opening the “tight junction”, a feature of the intestinal lining which prevents undigested proteins from entering the bloodstream. These proteins then cause reactions in people, which can vary tremendously.  The main villain is Gluten, but Holstein milk protein is similar and can also cause the problem.  This is why Paleo-Keto oriented MDs have you cut grains, milk, nightshades and other things out of your diet and then add back in watching your body’s reaction.

So take good care of your Mitochondria and watch how you react to foods.

Thought it might be appropriate to list my supplements:

  • Mitochondria: CoQ-10, PQQ, D-Ribose, Creatine
  • General: Omega-3, Calcium, Vit D3, K2, occasional C, ketones,  Magnesium Glycinate, Taurate & Citrate, melatonin
  • the Isopure which I take 5-6 days per week, also has a range of vitamins and minerals.


less than 20 minutes in the gym but it kicks me in the rear:

Bench 140   Pulldown 95 40 sec
Pushup 13 Row Machine 90 40 sec
Bench Machine 145 40 sec DB Curl 20 40 sec
Abdominal Pulldown 40 35 sec Tricep stack 60 40 sec

And for the curious:

05/29/22 177.4 BO Caps Isopure Collagen   burger cheese   lamb chops salad brussels sprout MCT, Creatine, D-Ribose
05/30/22 177.2 BO Caps Isopure Collagen steak   salmon Caesar salad   burger cheese MCT, Creatine, D-Ribose
05/31/22 178.2 BO Caps Isopure Collagen   cheesy Caesar salad   burger cheese MCT, Creatine, D-Ribose
06/01/22 175.4 BO Caps Isopure Collagen   burger cheese Caesar salad cheesy salad shrimp spicy cheese MCT, Creatine, D-Ribose
06/02/22 178 BO Caps Isopure Collagen   burger cheese Caesar salad pork rinds steak MCT, Creatine, D-Ribose
06/03/22 179   steak cheese   burger cheese Caesar salad MCT, Creatine, D-Ribose
06/04/22 178.6 BO Caps   sashimi lunch miso soup salad with spicy roll liver crisps steak raisins coconut broccoli Caesar salad MCT, Creatine, D-Ribose