Jun 7, 2022

Was asked to show the other side of some debates… What is the other side of 2+2=4 ?

Squat 0-57 6,6 Squat Machine 110 12
Leg Press -322 -8 Toe Raise 110 14
Press 60 4×2 Pullback 60 45sec


This tweet sequence summarizes the American medical system given to us by the socialist left.  Note I did not say “health care” on purpose.   use the “follow this thread” link.

Caitlin Gibson
 “A friend of mine died of colon cancer this week. She was 39. Two years ago, after marrying her incredible wife, she asked her doc for a colonoscopy. Her father had died young of colon cancer, putting my friend at higher risk, and it was on her mind. She wanted a screening. 1/x”
“She was told no. I don’t know the specifics of what her doc said — whether the doc felt she was too young, even despite her heightened risk — but insurance wouldn’t pay for it. She tried to advocate for herself. She was denied. 2/x”