Jun 16, 2022

From Carnivore Aurelius’ news email.  What do you think?

And BTW, we did ask about nutrition based on vet school education. Dogs had several nutritional problems,  ex: rickets, pancreatitis, constipation,  and by the mid-1980’s we were sending pets to allergy specialists for food allergies which resulted in itchy, red skin and infected ears. Kittens who were given the wrong milk substitute developed eye problems.


The problem with “health”care today and what is referred to as allopathic medicine is that it’s not really healthcare, it’s sick care.


Doctors are trained to identify structural problems once they occur based on the symptoms, but they have absolutely no ability to prevent them before they actually turn into issues.

This graphic I made is quite satirical, but captures the issue.

See, the prevailing view in medicine is that we are like cars that wear and tear over time. If we get a disease it’s because of some combination of luck + genetic flukes without almost 0 lifestyle or environmental components (other than maybe a carve out for things they’ll call allergens / carcinogens).


All throughout high school I was riddled with skin & sinus issues. But because doctors are only trained to look for superficial problems, the only thing they knew how to do was run CT scans and tests looking for structural problems (which ironically can actually lead to structural problems).

They couldn’t possibly fathom there is a root cause dealing with diet & lifestyle that ultimately is manifesting the symptoms I was facing.

We know more than ever about individual parts of our body and the genetic sequences, but less than ever about the entire human organism’s function. And this is why I think allopathic “sick”care is dying.

The more you start to understand health, the more you see how interconnected it all is. Every single disease has some combination of something disturbing energy production & not enough fuel to regenerate and fend it off. No matter what the disease is — alzheimers, cancer, diabetes — this manifests in very similar ways, with disruptions in mitochondria production, increase in stress, low thyroid, low youth hormones, inflammation, adrenaline, aldosterone, endotoxins, estrogen and serotonin. The more we see the unity, the more I believe we can actually heal.

People want a new “science of life” and health…they want a positive vision of what health actually is and how to get there, instead of just treating their symptoms with prescriptions.

And I think that’s going to require a combination of looking back to ancient holistic medicine, fused with our novel scientific understanding.

There are lots of nutrition camps grasping at this…but I think that they too overly reduce health down to one simple objective marker like low blood sugar, low insulin or low red meat consumption.

But I’m looking for something more. Because I think health is so much more than having a 6 pack…it’s even so much more than having a healthy physical body. It’s complete harmony between body, mind and spirt…and seamlessly integrating yourself into the environment around you. Health to me isn’t the jacked bodybuilder who can barely walk through the door…nor is it the person that’s overly obsessed and neurotic about their diet. Health, ultimately, is happiness.

It’s a more ambitious definition…but I think that it’s also the only one worth shooting for.

I look forward to exploring this more with you all.

In England: by Dr David Unwin:


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