Jun 25, 2022

I am going to ignore all the vaccine information which shows it does not  work, and causes harm. And I will not point  out that my wife knows 3 people who were vaccinated then put in the hospital and the MD’s do not know what is wrong. One of them died.  ===================================

Michael Eades, M.D.  @DrEades
“Last stats I saw –> ~70% of Americans are overweight & ~42% are obese. This latest Gallup poll shows there is a lot of self deception going on. Interesting to note that 61% plan to lose weight is via exercise. They don’t know you can’t outrun a bad diet.”
Michelle Hurn Low Carb RD and Ultra Runner
“How can the Academy of Nutrition be sponsored by PepsiCo and The National Confectionery Association? Let’s take a stand against this nonsense!” 
=a short video with a snide take: