Jul 19, 2022

Dr Saladino shares a little of his life:

Good morning!

I recently turned 45 years old. This is an age where most people resign themselves to a declining health span and thinking their best days are behind them. Don’t do that! Because when we begin to live and eat in the way we are programmed to, amazing things happen. And it’s never too late for anyone to start thriving in life.

I can tell you that at 45 years I look and feel the best I have in my life. Much better than in my twenties. And after 17 years of medical training and practice, countless hours of research, and attempts at so many ways of eating, I believe an animal-based diet is the best way to do this!


I didn’t thrive as a kid or young adult. I had bad eczema – rashes on my wrists, elbows, knees, and hips frequently, and I also suffered from asthma. And when I lived in Telluride as a 22-year-old ski bum, my breathing was horrible and required oral steroids and constantly inhaled beta-agonists.

A vegan diet didn’t help with any of this. In fact I lost 25lbs of muscle and had tons of farts. I was also gaunt.

Here I am in my vegan prime:

Thankfully I saw the light with veganism and adopted a paleo diet. This was slightly better in terms of gas but my eczema continued.

Then finally, during my residency, I got fed up and decided to try a carnivore diet. Eczema vanished along with some other nagging injuries, and my overall mood improved. But I eventually ran into electrolyte issues related to keto that caused me to reconsider the value of carbohydrates and the sources of these in the human diet.

So for the last 3 years, I’ve eaten an animal-based diet of organs, meat, fruit, honey, and raw dairy and I feel the best I have in 20+ years. An animal-based diet is what allows me to thrive in the deepest and most vital way possible.

I believe it’s possible for you to thrive in this way too…