Jul 23, 2022

The Covid people (AKA: CDC) keep showing us the truth in funny ways. I cannot ignore it.  Read this: The CDC admits that the COVID vaccines are unsafe. You can’t have 770,000 VAERS reports per year with a safe vaccine. Very interesting read!


WindTalker @nmlinguaphile

“Worse, among young Europeans, reported excess mortality is trending higher this year than in 2020 or 2021. In fact, before the widespread rollout of the jabs in mid-2021, Europe had NO excess mortality among people under 45. Now it does.”  
and this  from Prof Tim Noakes (MD)

Tim Noakes  @ProfTimNoakes
“Masks and vaccines probably don’t work if the problem is the vaccine. (Might also ask: Where’s the evidence for the transmissible agent, just by the way?).”
He is relaying info from: Ian Miller  @ianmSC
“New Zealand has set a new high in COVID deaths and currently has one of the highest death rates in the world, despite a continued mask mandate and exceptionally high vaccination and booster rates Wonder why this isn’t getting more media coverage”Image