Aug 12, 2022

Deadlift 135-175-185 x4 each Shrug 70 14
Squat 77 10 Toe Raise 115 55 sec
overdid the weight…
Elie Jarrouge, MD  @ElieJarrougeMD
“We continue to have an army of very smart and educated people, yet lacking common sense, or paid enough to NOT understand common sense, defending junk carbs and toxic oils as health foods, but attacking natural whole foods such as red meat, eggs and saturated fats as dangerous.”


So, the human digestive system:

  • Very acid stomach, kills bacteria, breaks peptides into proteins.
  • Chylomicrons to absorb fat without going through the liver, via lymphatic not venous system as I previously wrote
  • Evidence of similar fructose absorption
  • NO mechanism to digest or ferment fiber
  • Simple system, like cats, dogs, and other carnivores.

Cow digestive system:

  • Food goes directly into Rumen which provides for fermentation of ingesta by microbes
  • Cows then digest the microbes which contain protein and Omega-3 fatty acids.

Other Mammals (chimps, bonobos, gorillas, etc) and birds, from Wikipedia:

  • Most mammalian herbivores have a relatively large cecum, hosting a large number of bacteria, which aid in the enzymatic breakdown of plant matter such as cellulose; in many species, it is considerably wider than the colon.
  • In contrast, obligate carnivores, whose diets contain little or no plant matter, have a reduced cecum, which is often partially or wholly replaced by the appendix.  (like HUMANS)
  • Mammalian species which do not develop a cecum include raccoonsbears, and the red panda.

What human dietary conclusion do you draw?

What would someone who has not been exposed to all the modern propaganda respond?  hmmm…..

Carnivore Sapien  @CarnivoreSapien says:
“Given a platter of fruit veg and meat A group of babies will always finish the meat and fruit The vegetables will not be touched.”