Aug 20, 2022

This is  how I was educated IN SCHOOL.

rebelEducator  @rebelEducator
20 lessons you should be teaching your kid (that school isn’t):
1. Failure isn’t bad. It’s one of your greatest teachers.
2. Asking “why” is your greatest weapon.
3. Just because someone’s an “expert” doesn’t mean they’re right.
4. School and learning are not the same thing.
5. Anything you want to know is a Google search away. oops, be careful of Google and Wikipedia, in our day, it was encyclopedias!
6. There’s no minimum age to compete in the adult world. It’s not about age, it’s about ability.
7. Creativity > conformity.
8. Disagreeing with authorities is a good thing.
9. The riches are in the niches. Invest time in finding yours.
10. You don’t have to have your whole career path planned out before you turn eighteen. It’s okay to experiment.
11. Reading can be a joy.
12. Your curiosity is your greatest compass.
13. The greatest test to pass isn’t how much you’ve memorized, but how fast you can go find new information.
14. Good artists borrow, great artists steal.
15. Don’t memorize stuff you can easily look up.
16. It’s okay to come up with bad ideas on your way to finding the good ones.
17. Real life is an open-book test.
18. You don’t have to know what you like. It’s okay to just avoid things you don’t like.
19. Fortune favors the bold.
20. The predominant creative force in your life is you. (!!!)