Aug 21, 2022

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Had a wonderful day yesterday watching my granddaughter in a volleyball tournament. Still in the 8th grade, she was asked to play HS JV and amazingly is learning to block shots. And she seems happy!



and Dr Saladino’s email …

Good morning, and welcome to America in 2022.

Where the majority of people are fat, sick, and insulin resistant because of “legal drugs” primarily pushed by 10 big companies…

These companies do NOT care about your health…

They care about taking your money and keeping you coming back for more…

And then when you get sick from their products, you can start giving your money to another bunch of companies in the pharmaceutical industry.


The synthetic flavors, seed oils and refined sugars HIJACK your brain and make you hungrier, which means you eat even more junk food… its a vicious cycle which leads to metabolic dysfunction.

But how can we resist such foods when they are created to purposefully tap into our biological programming and leverage it against us?

These foods are ENGINEERED to be highly addictive – they hit our pleasure centers, and then they leave us feeling worse after we eat them, and we “come down” from the “food high” they create…

Sounds a lot like drugs to me…

And when you realize that these businesses behind these foods spend massive $$ on marketing and lobbying in congress to prevent labeling and limitations…

And to encourage subsidies to farmers who grow their wheat, corn, and soy ingredients…

You realize we are being cheated, misled and duped from our birthright to live with optimal health.

In 2022, there can be no greater rebellion than to reject these companies products, escape the vicious cycle of these foods, and return to the foods that allow us to thrive.

Thats what Lisa did, check out her story:


I was obese for years and I was always feeling tired, depressed, and just overall terrible.

I suffered from arthritis throughout my body, digestive issues, hypothyroid, psoriasis, and on and on.

I was on 2 anti-anxiety meds, 1 blood pressure med, hormones for my thyroid, opiates for pain, 1 daily migraine med and 1 for migraine relief, OTC anti-inflammatory meds, and creams for psoriasis.

NOTHING worked!

I am happy to say I am now on absolutely no pharmaceuticals and I do not drink alcohol to numb the (physical) pain or cope emotionally.

I feel best when I am on an animal-based diet… I went from a 40+ BMI to a 24/25 now.

I am so glad I found an animal-based diet and CarnivoreMD

You know I hear stories like Lisa’s every day now, and it still never ceases to amaze me.

Go read it a second time and just look at the plethora of conditions and drugs she was dealing with… all GONE because of a simple change to the food she eats.

Lisa broke away from the legal drug pushing food companies… and she healed what Western medicine cannot, by returning to the original human diet… an animal-based diet.

Thousands of people already know it works.

And if you truly want to thrive in your life, you should give it a try.

There is an entire team of people over at Heart & Soil, ready to help you as we helped Lisa…

And it’s still August, which means our FREE animal-based challenge is still open to you to sign up.

If you’ve previously tried an animal-based diet but hit roadblocks, or want a supportive community to do it with, now is your chance!