Aug 26, 2022

seemed like a very hard day, but I did it. not the quick workout, though

Deadlift 135-145-155 4x4x4 Shrug 70 14
Squat 82 10 Toe Raise 125 60sec

followed with some back stretches from various sources, including “Shaolin Workout”, Dan Millman’s 4 minute workout (episode one,  one movement), and machine back extensions.


Amazing how I have long heard that walking/running makes people smarter, but now this:  How do strong muscles keep your brain healthy? There’s a robust molecular language being spoken between your muscles and your brain.

and wow! ” Even moderate exercise can increase metabolism in brain regions important for learning and memory in older adults. And the brain itself has been found to respond to exercise in strikingly physical ways. The hippocampus, a brain structure that plays a major role in learning and memory, shrinks in late adulthood; this can result in an increased risk for dementia. Exercise training has been shown to increase the size of the hippocampus, even late in life, protecting against age-related loss and improving spatial memory. “