Aug 27, 2022

Press Machine 40 13 Pullback 60 12 Bent Row 15 13

also  back stretching


Perhaps the mental aspects are the most important???     Dr Ede is a noted psychiatrist.

Georgia Ede MD  @GeorgiaEdeMD
Our new study finding that a ketogenic diet is safe, feasible, and associated with unprecedented psychiatric & metabolic benefits has just been published as an open-access paper in

. #KetoForMentalHealth


Fits with this:     High Cholesterol == longer life

from the article: “Cholesterol may protect against infections and atherosclerosis” “Cholesterol may protect against cancer” “Low cholesterol (180 mg/dL and lower) and violence in psychiatric patients have been linked.”  “There’s also an association between low cholesterol and suicide dating back more than a decade,”


DoctorTro   @DoctorTro
LIES from your dietitian
LIE 1: saturated fat causes heart disease
LIE 2: dietary cholesterol causes stroke
LIE 3: the brain needs dietary carbs
LIE 4: breakfast is the most important mea
LIE 5: Snacks increase metabolism
LIE 6: 5 servings of fruit is healthy
Dr Shawn Baker @SBakerMD
“Whether YOU realize it or not, You are in a war for food sovereignty! Each time you prepare a home cooked meal using whole, locally sourced foods you gain a little freedom Conversely, if you consume the ultra processed human pet food your shackles tighten.”