Aug 29, 2022

Carnivore Sapien    @CarnivoreSapien 
“Your ancestors didn’t even know how much calories per gram protein, carbs and fats contained. Yet they stayed lean and mean. Doctors hate them. High IQ people learn from them.”


and Dr Saladino:

Good morning,

I think people like self-proclaimed “vegan-who-actually-eats animals” NYC Mayor Eric Adams should be free to eat whatever they want. But they shouldn’t insist kids in public schools eat like them too.

But they now have Meatless Mondays and Vegan Fridays in NYC schools…because taking away the most nutrient-dense foods from kids is a GOOD thing right? 🤨

Where are vitamins K2 and B12? Or creatine, carnosine, and essential fatty acids guys?

It shouldn’t take a systematic review and meta-analysis to tell us kids need these nutrients from animal foods in order to fully thrive… (but here is one anyway)

We already know that kids on a vegan diet are 1.2 inches shorter on average…

And have smaller and weaker bones.

They are also three times more likely to be deficient in B12…

And twice as likely to be deficient in iron.

That’s according to a study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition… but again, we shouldn’t need a study to know this!!!


Kids on a western diet are also lacking critical nutrients, and consuming seed oils and processed sugar-filled garbage.

Our kids are getting sicker, not healthier…

Rates of childhood obesity have DOUBLED worldwide since 1980… 💔

Rates of childhood DIABETES (no child should have diabetes!) are growing at similar rates…

And we know that being obese in childhood raises your children’s risk of cancer, heart disease, and diabetes in adulthood…

It’s clear that both a plant-based diet and a standard western diet are NOT how to raise thriving children.

It robs them of their future birthright to optimal health, and sets them up for a life of metabolic dysfunction.


I’m concerned that vegan meals in schools is the thin end of the wedge in a push to move as many people as possible away from animal foods, and to program our children into rejecting the very foods they need.

How do we keep meat in schools? I think it starts by having conversations, which is why if you are a teacher, principal or superintendent around the Miami area, I want to come to your school and do talks to the kids about nutrition.

I want to kickstart a movement there, to counter this narrative and try do some good in the world. If you can help, please email me at


And if you are a parent, you don’t just want your child to be healthy…

You want them to THRIVE.

And that means giving them the nutrients they need to support their physical and cognitive development…

And for building robust and healthy immune systems.

We now know from nutritional science that your kids can get ALL of the nutrients essential for human health from organs, meat, fruit, and dairy…

And we know that there are MANY critical nutrients found ONLY in significant quantities in animal foods (creatine, carnitine, choline, carnosine, anserine, k2, b12, biotin, riboflavin, heme-iron)…

And we know that there are MANY defense chemicals in vegetables that could be harmful for your children…

Like oxalates which can rob them of minerals, lectins which can damage the gut and trigger the immune system, or digestive enzyme inhibitors that mess up digestion.

Your children haven’t been indoctrinated to believe they must eat vegetables and their intuitions that vegetables are bullshit are totally correct…

Here’s to you stopping feeding your kids vegetables and letting them focus on organs (either fresh or desiccated like Heart & Soil), meat, and fruit… all kids love these and will be nourished by an animal-based diet.