Sep 1, 2022

A basic truth which is gradually being uncovered:
Carnivore Sapien @CarnivoreSapien
Inflammation is the cause of 90% of peoples health issues. Most inflammation is caused by the over-consumption of seed oils. Cut out seed oils from your diet, and by definition, the amount of health issues you will contend with in your life will drop by 90%.”
Elie Jarrouge, MD  @ElieJarrougeMD
“You don’t need to understand the science of why eating whole animal based food works. It has worked for millions of years. The burden of proof falls on advocates of processed food and veganism to provide evidence that they’re healthy. They are the experiment, not meat.”


from Wikipedia

“Rapeseed oil is one of the oldest known vegetable oils. There are both edible and industrial forms produced from the seed of several cultivars of the plant family Brassicaceae. Historically, it was eaten in limited quantities due to high levels of erucic acid, which is damaging to cardiac muscle of animals and imparts a bitter taste, and glucosinolates, which made it less nutritious in animal feed.”

Canola oil is a food-grade version derived from rapeseed cultivars bred for low erucic acid content. Also known as low erucic acid rapeseed (LEAR) oil, it has been generally recognized as safe by the United States Food and Drug Administration.   

ME:  Sort of like Thalidomide, Covid vaccines, vegan diets, and Climate Change.