Sep 4, 2022

Deadlift 135-145-155 5x4x4 Shrug 70 14
Squat 85 10 Toe Raise 130 60sec


Carnivore Sapien @CarnivoreSapien
“Monocrop agriculture is destroying the top soil of land all around the world.
This has disastrous consequences. – loss of organic and inorganic matter – soil erosion – soil nutrient depletion
Vegans with their monocrop farms are causing the slow desertification of the planet.”
Think about what Glyphosate does to creatures living in fields (or humans, for that matter) and then think about the whole ecology being destroyed by large scale mono-crop farming.
You can have opinions, but you cannot chose facts. They exist. And ignoring them does not change them.
Dr Shawn Baker   @SBakerMD
“If you care about glyphosate residue on foods, the highest concentrations are found in grains, beans and legumes and the very lowest amounts are found in meat, dairy and eggs”  Image