Sep 5, 2022

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Crazy? and/or onto something?  Dr Saladino:

8 tips for radically healthy kids

#1 Feed them animal foods 

When it comes to raising radical kids, animal foods reign supreme.

Rich in vitamins A, K2, B vitamins, and essential fatty acids like DHA and EPA, kids need these nutrients to thrive. 

Go for high-fat raw dairy, pastured egg yolks, and fatty cuts of beef… add butter and salt to everything, and watch them grow as big as Texas!

#2 Steer clear of marketing tricks

Hooking your kids on junk food is a billion dollar business.

Shrek wants to sell them Twinkies, Ronald McDonald visits them at school, and the cereal aisle looks like an episode on the Cartoon Network. 

We know these foods are loaded with processed sugars and seed oils… 

We know they are devoid of the nutrients kids need… 

And we know they are the reason childhood obesity and diabetes has skyrocketed.

Nuff’ said. 

It’s our responsibility as parents to teach them not to fall for these tricks.

Heck, even the X-Men are in on it:

Photo Credit: Mike Mozart via Flickr Creative Commons 2.0 License

#3 Give them carbs (the right ones)

Kids do well with carbohydrates (breast milk has plenty).

But swap the processed sugars and refined carbohydrates for more nutritious and evolutionarily appropriate options like fruit, honey, and raw milk.

And make them an animal-based ice cream

#4 Don’t feed them vegetables

Despite what the mainstream suggests, vegetables are not the superfoods they are made out to be.

In fact, they most likely do more harm than good, because they contain plant defense chemicals that are known to be harmful for both kids and adults.

For example, oxalates, which are found in many plants including spinach can rob them of essential minerals…

And lectins which are found in many more plants including nightshades and legumes, can damage their gut and trigger the immune system.

And kids know what is up! They trust their instincts, and they know vegetables are BS!

Go here for more details on the problems with vegetables.

#5 Take off the bubblewrap

We all want to protect our children, but sometimes we can overprotect them and slow their progress as a result.

Allow them to take reasonable risks, and to explore their capabilities, so they can grow into strong, capable humans!

Nobody wants to end up in the hospital, but we do say let them climb the furniture, let them climb trees, hammer nails and swordfight with sticks! 

#6 Less structure, more freedom

Kids are also growing up with more structure and scheduling than ever before.

Lessons, classes, playdates, and sports practice are all leaving less time for them to just be kids!

The overscheduled child can suffer from a loss of creativity, burnout, and increased stress.

So if your child’s schedule is looking like more like a CEO’s than a kindergarteners, then it might be time to reassess.

The solution is simple. More free play, less packed schedules!

#7 Let them get their hands dirty

As parents, we intuitively understand that time spent outdoors in the dirt is another form of nourishment for our kids.

And the science backs this up, because studies show that time spent outdoors in the dirt strengthens their immune system, and can lower the risk of autoimmune diseases and allergies.

It also benefits their emotional wellbeing, reducing stress, anxiety and mental health disorders.

But despite what we know as moms and dads, the lure of digital screens and the confines of daycare can make this reality challenging.

#8 Feed them the ultimate superfoods: organs

If you want radically healthy kids, then you will want to feed them the most nutrient dense foods in the world!

Our desiccated organs are so simple and convenient to give them.

There’s no mess, no fuss, just open up the capsules and sprinkle them into their favorite foods!