Sep 8, 2022

83 degrees. lots cooler and it helped my attempt to hit range balls.  I was able to slow down and keep my HR under 110.

Used Jack Kuykendahl’s flail golf swing. Also on this 3 minute YouTube video. Crazy, but it may work.  He is a physicist who knew Moe Norman….

I also used his clubs with extra large grips.  Hit the 60 degree wedge over 60 yards and pretty sure I rolled the driver around 200 yards.  Surprised at the accuracy..

Best of all, my back does not seem worse off.

I do need to work on chipping, but was shocked at how the putting did.


Pulldown 110 50 sec DB Curl 25-30 25-20-sec
Row Machine 100 45 sec Ab Pulldown 50 20 sec