Sep 22, 2022

First, Happy Autumn, feels good..

Here is my diet for a week, note that IF I eat Mexican, I do have guacamole which is legit on the PKD diet:

And Kerry Gold Butter is in a flavor world of its own!!!

09/15/22 178 hamburger   hamburger   steak guacamole cheese
09/16/22 178 LH Caps lamb cheese lamb
09/17/22 177   prime rib Caesar salad   prime rib cheese
09/18/22 176.8 prime rib cheese   liver crisps   rib eye
09/19/22 177.6 prime rib cheese   steak   steak raisins
09/20/22 179.6 steak steak cheese   cheese hamburger lamb
09/21/22 179 hamburger   steak