Sep 29, 2022

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The key thought is that they believe they are  more qualified than you to run your life..  The big question really is WHY?

Thomas Massie @RepThomasMassie
“Democrats strive for a federal government that controls what you eat, what you say, what healthcare you receive, how you travel, how kids are educated, how much you earn…
It’s predicated on the lie that those who get elected are more qualified than you to make these decisions.”

From Dr Saladino:

The Maasai people are cattle herders from the Kenya/Tanzania region of east Africa.

They are incredibly tall (6 ft 2 inches on average)…

Incredibly healthy (practically ZERO chronic disease)…

And they have ENERGY:

In fact you could really say the Maasai have this radical health thing nailed down.

So what’s their secret? 🤔

How have they achieved such flawless levels of health?

And the energy levels of a two year old?

Well it certainly isn’t vegetables, because the Maasai don’t eat vegetables…

In fact their diet is pretty much three things:

Meat, milk and blood, all from the cows they keep.

With nutrient-dense foods like these it’s really no wonder the Maasai are thriving…

And if you want to thrive in the same way here’s how:

#1 Pick up some grass-fed ground beef from the store;

#2 Visit your local farmers market for fresh raw milk;

#3 And grab a bottle of our Lifeblood supplement

Lifeblood contains the highest quality freeze-dried Whole Blood Extract…

And is positively teeming with amazing nutrients, like Red and White Blood Cells, Riboflavin, Folate and Iron…

All of which play vital roles in our energy levels, athletic performance and immune health.

So why wait another day, when you could be jivin’ like the Maasai too Ronald?