Oct 2, 2022

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This week’s message from Paul Saladino, MD.

Good morning.

I don’t mean to be a downer on this Sunday morning, but the western medical system is filled with conflicts of interest and corruption.

The entire system is highly suspect and your health is NOT their priority.

Let’s take a look at some examples:

Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2020-2025:

The US Government Dietary Guidelines are corrupt and rigged. But don’t take my word for it.

Here are the results of a recently published paper in Public Health Nutrition:

“Results: Our analysis found that 95% of the committee members had Conflicts Of Interest with the food, and/or pharmaceutical industries”

I was already highly skeptical, but I couldn’t believe this when I read it…

Of the 20 member committee that developed these guidelines, 19 of them (95%!) had industry ties and received financial backing from large corporations involved in processed food manufacturing and pharmaceutical drug development.

And over 50% of the committee members had financial ties to a lobbying group for the processed food and junk food industry.

This lobbying group includes companies like McDonald’s, Pepsi, Nestle, General Mills, Dr. Pepper, Kellogg’s, Syngenta, Cargill and other large manufacturers of processed foods.

Do we really want this group of companies having an influence on dietary guidelines around which policy decisions, funding decisions, school lunches, and all sorts of other important legal things are based?

Heck NO!

Yet these are our government’s recommendations for how to construct a healthy diet.

These dietary guidelines promote the consumption of seed oils and a grain-based diet, and recommend against the consumption of health-promoting saturated fats like those found in butter or tallow…

And it’s only when you consider the massive amount of conflicts of interest here that these ludicrous guidelines begin to make any sense.

Because they are NOT for the benefit of the American public. They are for the benefit of the processed food and pharmaceutical industry.

The US Cholesterol Guidelines are also highly suspect

In 2004, the National cholesterol education panel lowered the threshold for what is considered to be high cholesterol based on NO new scientific data.

As a result, millions more people, including someone with cholesterol numbers that look just like mine, were now deemed to have high cholesterol.

Which meant that overnight, they were now eligible for the recommendation of a statin medication!

But it gets worse. Because it was later discovered that eight of the nine members of the National cholesterol education panel had financial ties to statin manufacturers.

Red flags anyone? 🚩🚩🚩

This raises some serious questions about the motivations and possible conflicts of interests of the members of this committee.

And even to this day, there is ZERO consideration of context when statins or other cholesterol lowering drugs are prescribed…

Yes, in some individuals with known heart disease who remain insulin resistant and are unwilling to change their diet, statins may be Indicated…

But these drugs are a 15 BILLION dollar industry, and MANY statin prescriptions are recommended to people like you or me who are insulin sensitive.

Simply based on an “elevated” LDL cholesterol level with no appreciation of the importance of insulin resistance/sensitivity in the development of atherosclerosis.

And based on guidelines that were probably swayed by the statin industry’s financial incentives connected with committee members.

And lets not forget that statin side effects are definitely underreported (see the recent podcast I did on statins here) and ignored.

Pharmaceuticals can help people, but this type of corruption within the industry cannot be ignored.

Our medical system is broken.

I don’t want to be a doctor who gives pills to cover symptoms. I want to challenge you to think for yourself and to take your health into your own hands.

And although I don’t work in a hospital or see patients in an office, I did do that for many years previously.

How I practice medicine now is completely different.

But I believe that my current practice of medicine can help far more people than what I have done in the past.

And I want to be a force of positive change in the current medical system.

It is my deep hope that in some way through my work the doctors and other health care providers will begin to understand how the current system is broken…

That we were not trained to look for the root cause of illness…

And that while pharmaceuticals are valuable, they often do not address the root cause… and sadly often carry with them many negative side effects that could be avoided….

This isn’t the fault of physicians who are invariably intelligent and well intentioned in my experience…

The problem lies with the medical paradigm we are taught as students, and with commercial conflicts of interests like those I’ve outlined above.

If we change this, we change the medical system and millions of people will benefit.

And if you’ve followed any of my content you know that I believe food and lifestyle choices are the greatest lever in our health, BY FAR…

The medical system must realize this if it is to be fixed… end of story.


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I have been playing sports, working out, trying different eating plans and supplements for over 30 years.

This year I had planned on retiring from a 20 year run as a professional Paintball player.

After switching over to an animal-based diet with Heart & Soil’s Beef Organs I have lost 20lbs, been reenergized and I plan to try and go another 5 years.

Currently I am 42 years old. Thank you Heart and Soil!

– Thomas T.



If you go to Dr. Google and search for red meat and cancer, you will find a ton of articles proclaiming that red meat does indeed cause cancer.

It’s practically a truism at this point, and a huge factor in the anti-red meat agenda that is so prevalent in Western medicine today…

But I don’t think there is any real evidence that unprocessed red meat causes cancer, and I will explain why in this podcast.

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