Oct 7, 2022

10/01/22 172.6   steak LH Caps   steak  
10/02/22 172.2 steak LH Caps       rib eye  
10/03/22 171.6 steak LH Caps   salmon LB Caps prime rib raisins  
10/04/22 172.6 LH Caps LB Caps bacon   hamburger   liver crisps  
10/05/22 172.8 LH Caps LB Caps   lamb   lamb  
10/06/22 171.2 LH Caps LB Caps steak     steak  
10/07/22 171.2 LH Caps LB Caps steak      steak  


Crops were geneticaly modified to deal with Roundup.  How about you? How about the animals that used to live in those fields?   


and while on the climate nonsense stuff:


and a twitter thought: Why is it that the only way I can find the TRUTH on the Internet is by opening pages which say “Warning: this link may be unsafe” ?