Oct 8, 2022

The exercises with no change of background color are daily back limbering, I think they help. The other is weekly, with slow improvement.

Back Extension Machine 105 12 Pulldown – overhand 70 12
Shrugs 15 8×8 Back Extension 0 11
Pulldown 110 45 sec


Really eye opening article by Dr Zsofia Clemens and the Paleomedicina group. “There is no doubt that this knowledge is contradictory and astonishing, but it is scientifically and clinically validated.”

These 3 statements blew my mind:

  1. As for vitamin C, there is the so-called Glucose-Ascorbate antagonism due to structural similarity between vitamin C and glucose molecules. Even if the blood plasma contains a lot of vitamin C, it cannot efficiently enter cells if it is inhibited by the concomitant presence of glucose, which is a competitive antagonist. As a result of this phenomenon, the ascorbic acid content of cells and the blood glucose level are inversely proportional: the higher the blood glucose level, the lower the cellular ascorbic acid level. This is especially true for cells involved in immune defence, which ideally may accumulate up to 100 times the level of ascorbic acid in the blood. High levels of vitamin C in immune cells are key to effective immune function. As a result, a high-carbohydrate diet will inhibit the function of vitamin C, so the reduction potential of vitamin C, which is the basis of immune response, will not prevail, resulting in a “weak” immune response.
  2. Vitamin D can be biologically inactive and active. The conversion of an inactive form to an active form is catalysed by the enzyme 1-alpha-hydroxylase predominantly in the kidney but in other cells too. Even the smallest increase in fructose levels in the kidneys blocks the enzyme 1-alpha-hydroxylase, which makes the inactive-active vitamin D conversion impossible. This phenomenon fundamentally affects the physiological function of vitamin D. Fruit consumption may significantly reduce or even stop the conversion of vitamin D to its active form for a long time; all other food containing fructose can do this. This requires a radical change in the interpretation of the physiological effects of fruit consumption.
  3. The real physiological effects of artificial vitamins have been the subject of heated debates. An extensive survey carried out by the Danish government revealed that the vitamins needed by humans were found in animal offal. Additionally, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the earlier view that vitamins disintegrate when exposed to heat, that is during cooking, is a misconception; it is true only for vitamins in plants. Animal offal (containing vitamin C with up to 50 to 100 times higher concentration), surprisingly, has a very high heat stability, meaning that the vitamin C content does not decrease during cooking.


tried to be through with the Covid stuff; however, the prospect of a transfusion from a vaccinated person re-awoke things.

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I am waiting for the detailed analysis. If this is the global average then we need an independent global commission of enquiry into how the pandemic was managed and for whom. And a citizens we should demand data for our own countries.
Hungry for Truth with Drea Humphrey@DreaHumphrey
CDC finally caves and hands over their V-Safe data. 7.7% ( 782,900 people) out of the 10 million included in the data, required medical care after taking the “safe and effective” COVID jabs that so many  have been coerced into taking. Here is a  Fox News interview.   
And for you FOX skeptics, note they are using CDC data… where are the other networks??