Oct 12, 2022

Back Extension Machine 105 12 Pulldown – overhand 75 10
Twists 55 8x8x8x8 Back Extension 0 12
Deadlift 135-145 5-2
Leg Press -160 12 Tricep stack 72 45sec-15sec Toe Raise 160 12-8

Ken D Berry MD   @KenDBerryMD
Low-fat, High-fiber diets LOWER Testosterone Level
High-fat, Low-fiber diets RAISE Testosterone Level
No, beef cattle are NOT eating food off of our plates. Beef cattle UPCYCLE largely inedible to human food (e.g. grasses) into edible to human very nutrient dense food high in EAA’s (incl high quality EAA’s), bioavailable minerals, fat soluble vitamins, B12 and other metabolites.

Now, this is telling:

WendyD @wcdudok
“In some towns in #Germany citizens have begun setting up installations in the town square containing the names of all those in the town who have died as a result of agreeing to be injected with the #Covid#vaccine” and subsequent “#booster” shots.”  see these: 40 sec of demonstrating.