Oct 15, 2022

I am also fascinated with words and their meanings.  A while back I was reading about Caecums, which are important in Veterinary medicine.  Pigs have very large caecums, as do Chimps. Dogs & cats have appendices, as do humans.  What Wikipedia says is kind of fascinating:  “Most mammalian herbivores have a relatively large cecum, hosting a large number of bacteria, which aid in the enzymatic breakdown of plant matter such as cellulose; in many species, it is considerably wider than the colon. In contrast, obligate carnivores, whose diets contain little or no plant matter, have a reduced cecum, which is often partially or wholly replaced by the appendix

I will repeat that: Obligate carnivores have a reduced cecum… replaced by the appendix.

Have you every heard of a person having Caecumitis?  How about appendicitis?  So where does that put humans and  the meat eating scene?  We used to know it and Wikipedia accidentally confirms it!