Oct 16, 2022

too true today!

And Dr Saladino: 

Good morning!

Check out this amazing story from Paul H…

Hi Dr. Paul, I’ve been animal-based for two years and taking your Beef Organs supplements for a year now and at 62 years of age, I feel unstoppable.

My annual blood work I got a few months ago showed my total cholesterol at 210 and LDL at 157 which are above the normal range and my doctor said I should think about taking a statin.

So just to make sure he was wrong about that I got a CT calcium heart scan.

I got the results today and my score was…wait for it…ZERO!!!

And that’s after two years of eating red meat twice a day.

A score of zero is almost unheard of for 62-year-old males.

Oh and my father had a heart attack and died from a failed heart so its not that I have “good” genes, its my diet and supplements.

I am a little worried now I may outlive my kids LOL unless they get on an animal-based diet. 🙂

What a freaking amazing story from Paul 👊

He is one of thousands of people who have shocked their doctor and are now thriving after increasing the meat in their diet, while decreasing or cutting out vegetables…

And yet, this is the complete opposite of what we are told to do by the mainstream health “authorities.”

I guess this shouldn’t come as a massive surprise. Most of the advice we’ve received from “health authorities” over the last 2 or even 10-50 years has been hogwash…

Advice to limit animal fats like butter and replace them with seed oils 🤯

Saturated fats from animal foods have been incorrectly blamed for the rise in cardiovascular disease…

But why would foods like meat and organs which have been at the CENTER of the human diet be harmful for us?

Does this make even a shred of sense? Nope.

Throughout our history as Homo sapiens, and prior to this as Homo erectus and Homo habilus, meat and organs from animals have always been the most sought-after and the most treasured foods…

Unless you are in the medical field and find combing through pubmed in your free time to be a blast, it’s likely that you’ll be misled by headlines in the mainstream media about meat and its effects on the heart…

But beware. These are bullshit. They are based entirely on OBSERVATIONAL studies that are consistently confounded. They are NOT real experiments… 🧐

The media loves these sorts of sensational headlines but this misrepresentation of the science does a disservice to the many people who are misled by it and who choose to decrease or remove meat from their diets…

There is ZERO solid evidence that meat is bad for your heart. Yes, I said that!

Cholesterol? Also widely misunderstood and incorrectly characterized as directly causal for heart disease.

If you want to truly thrive, if you want to have a calcium score of zero, then do what Paul H. did and eat a high-quality animal-based diet!