Nov 9, 2022

Deadlift 135-145-135 5-5-1
Hammer Pulldown 110 62 sec
Straight arm pulldown 50 7
Dr. Roger McFillin @DrMcFillin
“They lied about nutrition to sell you junk, they lied to sell you antidepressants, they lied about cholesterol to sell you a nutrient depleted diet & statins. They created 300 + “mental illness’ diagnoses. They lied about a COVID vaccine. It’s a sick care system. They profit.”
Robert Lufkin MD @robertlufkinmd
“Humans got shorter ~12,000 years ago. Could this be related to the dietary change from hunter-gatherers to agriculture and the resulting decrease in nutritional content?  Note the link!

Just seems so related to this.  I was in Vet School at the time. I remember how several of us reacted when we contrasted this to what we learned in our physiology books and class. Specifically when we learned that one CANNOT deposit fat into cells without insulin.  And insulin is a result of eating carbs – only!