Nov 13, 2022

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Dr Saladino addresses supplements and hidden in his discussion is the comment about unknown nutrients, which just seems so germaine to me….


Should I supplement with creatine while doing an animal-based diet? – Jason

Great question.

Creatine is a very special nutrient only found in meat and organs…

And it’s perhaps one of the most studied nutrients of all time for performance enhancement.

There is incredible data that suggests it improves muscle power, strength and cognitive abilities.

But creatine is NOT just for gym bros.

Because studies show that it has incredible benefits for vegetarians and the elderly too…

In this randomized double blind placebo controlled trial, vegetarian females were given creatine and their memory improved… 

And there have been trials with the elderly, showing that giving them creatine improves cognition.

Now to the question of whether you should supplement or not. I think you should not need to supplement if you are eating enough meat.

And whats really cool is that there is an elegant link between optimal creatine levels in humans and what I believe is the optimal amount of meat for humans.

Because your body can make creatine, but it only makes a small amount. Around 1g per day…

Which is FAR below the optimal amount for humans, CLEARLY indicating a NECESSITY for meat in the human diet.

The optimal amount of creatine to fully saturate your muscles is about 5 grams per day for a 170 pound male, which is a little more than two pounds of meat per day…

Or 3 grams of creatine for an average 115 pound female, which is a little more than a pound of meat per day.

I think this is a really clear indication of the optimal amount of meat for humans.

What happens if you don’t get enough meat and your creatine levels drop?

Your body won’t be able to function properly due to an absence of energy movement…

Your thinking won’t be as clear, your strength will be worse, your mood, energy, and overall happiness will probably be lower…

So it’s pretty safe to say that CREATINE is INCREDIBLY important!

Should you supplement? Why do such a thing when you can get your creatine and MANY other critical nutrients for humans from meat and organs?

Supplementing with any nutrient (or protein powder) in place of REAL FOOD is a dangerous game and will inevitably leave important nutrients out of your diet.

Furthermore, there must be many nutrients that we don’t even know about in real food that are left out with this approach…

Eat real food, and be sure to eat ENOUGH meat and organs if you want to thrive. A good rule of thumb to follow is for every 100lbs you weigh, aim for at least 1lb to a little over 1lb of meat per day…