Nov 17, 2022

Pushup 20 Hammer bench 145-125-105 4x6x8
Press 65 8-5-4 Lateral raise 40 8


MY summary of the “Brain Energy” book.

  • The author is a psychiatrist and works from that point of view
  • He believes ALL brain problems from Alzheimer’s to Parkinson’s to Depression to Schizophrenia are energy related
  • He gives several examples of people with long-term uncontrolled problems who went on Keto diets and resolved their mental issues
  • He praises the Mediterranean diet, and points out there are several variations of Keto
  • He talks about the role of sleep, sunshine, exercise, social relationships and motivation in mental health
  • He does recommend all the standard Psychiatric stuff
  • He seems to feel that everything revolves around the mitochondria – which makes diet critical
  • He notes that mental issues often go with physical issues, such as diabetes or celiac disease

More and more my bottom line:

  1. if you want to be healthy eat a PK Diet – and  do the other things he mentions along with people like Dr Saladino
  2. if you are already on the SAD (std Amer. diet), Medical, Pharma downward spiral to a managed death with never an improvement AND you wish to do better, eat a meat heavy PK Diet
  3. if you are on years  of drugs, and only getting worse, see #2!
  4. SO EAT A meat heavy Paleo Keto Diet and get better!