Nov 18, 2022

CA is getting more interesting…

Fellow Liver Lover,Eating beef liver could turn you into a superhuman.Ok, not really…But there’s this interesting study I found a while back conducted in 1952 and that was published by The American Institute of Nutrition.Basically, what they did was give multiple sublethal doses of x-irradiation to some rats.They had a group that was fed a normal ration of food, another that was fed a normal ration of food with B vitamins, and another was fed a normal ration of food with whole liver powder.Here’s what’s wild…The average survival time of the rats following the liver-based diet was significantly greater than all the other diets tested.The protective factor in the liver was distinct from any of the known B vitamins. Why did they conduct this study?Honestly, I’m sure there’s a medical reason that someone on my email list who’s smarter than me can tell me about…All I know is that this study proves that beef liver is a magical source of nutrients, minerals, vitamins, and spiritual superpowers.There’s so much that we’ve yet to discover with beef liver…I mean think about if researchers (based ones) were given tons of research grants to discover more about WHY beef liver is such a powerhouse of fuel for our body.Like, imagine Captain America…But he eats Liver…Captain Liver.
All jokes aside, I really do believe that it’s amazing that liver is finally getting the recognition it deserves. Who knows what other crazy studies are going to come out in the next 100 years…And maybe some of the results you all have will be a part of those studies, who knows.Moo,Carnivore Aurelius


Thomas Massie  @RepThomasMassie
“All food comes from carbon (CO2) in the air. It’s a miracle. The inputs to photosynthesis are Carbon Dioxide and Water. The outputs are Oxygen and food (Carbohydrate). It’s unscientific to think of CO2 as pollution.”

Peter Clack  @PeterDClack

“Global warming has been faked, based on climate studies for 10K yrs. Massive glacier fields across Europe & America are far more likely. Climate evolves naturally & is not controlled by traces of carbon dioxide. Science doesn’t verify the UN’s 33yr fear campaign. But money does.”  Image