Nov 21, 2022

Like so many things human, this voyage started with finding out what works.  The answer to that has become pretty clear.  A human diet should consist of fatty meat & fruit, with vegetables allowed.  We should not eat industrial oils rebranded as vegetable oils.

The why is important also.  First humans are curious and second there is a tremendous effort to obfuscate the truth. That effort turns out to be money driven.  But I think we are close to why and the answer is what works with our mitochondria. I don’t think it is an exaggeration to say Mitochondria control almost everything about our cells and our energy.  Two books show how critical Mitochondria are and that science understands how our metabolism is destroyed by Omega-6 fatty acids (seed oils) and also challenged by excessive carbohydrates.  I have listed the books in the “Links & Books” page.

They are:

  1. “Mitochondria & The Future of Medicine”
  2. “The Brain Energy Theory of Mental Illness”

If you like podcasts (I don’t, they are long and drawn out), this one features Dr Palmer in an interview with a Stanford PhD, this one might work. Lower on the page, is a breakdown of the discussion with the timestamps.


A Political Statement with eloquence!  1:38 of your time, addressing Maricopa County.  WOW!