Dec 10, 2022

Chris Palmer, MD  @ChrisPalmerMD
study showing that high levels of #insulin are associated with #brain #inflammation, and this may play a role in #Alzheimers disease.  Hyperinsulinemia-induced microglial mitochondrial dynamic and metabolic alterations lead to neuroinflammation
Carnivore Sapien @CarnivoreSapien
Fact: The 7th day adventist church pushed the “garden of eden” diet (basically vegan) in a bid to curb libido levels and reduce “sinful behaviour”.
The vegan diet was always supposed to destroy your natural sexual urges. Do you understand?
What happened?? Kind of a follow up photo… Image


Showing both sexes are affected: 

Melonie Mac  @MelonieMac
I feel vulnerable sharing these kind of progress pics, but if it helps one person it’s worth Left is mostly plant based, right is 3 years on the carnivore diet Endometriosis symptoms healed, healthier skin, and I grew more hair. I feel like I got my life back in my 30’s