Dec 23, 2022

Why does diet matter?  Here is a good example:

Jonnyob  @jonnyob
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My Testosterone test came in yesterday. I’m 48. From a pitiful 327 to a savage 770. How did I do it? TRT? Roids? No … st  rict keto. Zero sugar / refined carbs the past 6 months. Lots of fatty red meat. Cholesterol is your friend.
another sample of your government: (you know, the one which says corn, whole wheat and soy oil are good for you)
Ian Miller  @ianmSC
In the latest example of mask failure, Hong Kong once again leads the world in current case rate, despite continued universal masking with near 100% compliance How much longer are The Experts™ and school administrators going to get away with pretending masks work?  Image