Dec 30, 2022


Lynne D M Noble
The latest research shows that if you lower your LDL cholesterol it is linked to an increased risk of Parkinson’s disease. There are sound reasons for this. Get off the statins.
Day #! at Planet Fitness. Simeilar but different machines, bench press and deadlift on safety machines..? I will adjust..

Press 60 6×5 Bench 95-110-95 5x5x5 Trixep Stack 57 8


Scientist know and science demonstrates the facts: we are meat etaers. Brief Article. see quote:


The origins of the genus Homo are murky, but by H. erectus, bigger brains and bodies had evolved that, along with larger foraging ranges, would have increased the daily energetic requirements of hominins1,2. Yet H. erectus differs from earlier hominins in having relatively smaller teeth, reduced chewing muscles, weaker maximum bite force capabilities, and a relatively smaller gut3,4,5. This paradoxical combination of increased energy demands along with decreased masticatory and digestive capacities is hypothesized to have been made possible by adding meat to the diet6,7,8, by mechanically processing food using stone tools7,9,10, or by cooking11,12. Cooking, however, was apparently uncommon until 500,000 years ago13,14   “


Side note to think about:

Peter Clack  @PeterDClack
Do we see the UN’s climate crisis anywhere? No we do not. No visible change after a 40 yr fear campaign. We’d be seeing it by now, if it was happening. Carbon dioxide has been rising slowly for thousands of years. Still nothing. Just that $2 trillion in guilt reparations by 2030!

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