Jan 1, 2023

Happy New Year!

Carnivore is what we are supposed to be, and meat makes you healthy!  Why eat things which reduce your health? It shows up when you get old….


here is Dr Saladino’s take/pitch:

Good morning and Happy New Year!

If you are one of the many people who want to make 2023 the year you get leaner and metabolically healthier, then there is ONE thing you need to do above all else:


These garbage foods are full of seed oils, processed sugars, and processed grains (the “fat triad” as I like to call it)…

And if you are eating them, it’s a metabolic disaster waiting to happen ☠️

Processed foods with these ingredients also make you HUNGRY… they sabotage your satiety…

And being hungry is a miserable feeling thanks to millions of years of pre-human and human evolution.

But if you eliminate processed foods from your diet, you WILL lose weight, and your health WILL improve!

And what should you replace them with? 🤔

Simple. The most nutrient-dense, treasured foods on the planet = Meat, organs, fruit, honey and raw dairy.

This is an animal-based diet, and it is how you will get the most nutrients from your food possible which will ultimately lead to metabolic health and satiety (which is crucial for weight loss).

If you want extra support with this, then join me and Heart & Soil for our FREE Animal-Based 30 Challenge which starts today 💪

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