Jan 3, 2023

I am begging to enjoy the safety mechanism on the Bench Press.  Not sure how it translates to actual bench amounts…but it is something one can progress with… Note I am switching to the 5x5x5 routine.

Push up 0 25 Bench 105-120-125-105 5x5x5x5 Press 60-65-70 5x5x5 Tricep Stack 62-62-67 5x5x5 DB Lat Raise 10-15-10 5x5x5
twists 55 8 Back Extension Machine 105 12 Ab Pulldown machine 85 8 back ext 0 6 face pull 25-30 10×5


Interesting 39 sec video by the Harvard brain researcher.  Dr Palmer wrote the book on Brain Energy and the role of Mitochondria in mental health.  Remember Mitochondria love fatty acids, like ketones, tolerate glucose and are shut down cells when much seed oil is taken… or: Image