Jan 9, 2023

jog/walk 0.62 18.7 min Back Extension Machine 105 14 Hammer Row 85 14 Pulldown 75 14 DB Clean 10-15-20 5x5x5
Ab Pulldown 70 14 Face Pullback 30 14 Back Extension 0 14 Twists 55 16      


Dr Saladino is so clear sometimes and little phrases like “take years to reverse damage” are so relevant…

Good morning!

If you’ve been following my work for any length of time, you will know that I much prefer animal fats over plant fats…

And most days, I will eat about 230 grams of fat, most of which comes from 80/20 ground beef, with a good portion also coming from bone marrow, butter, tallow, cheese and whole milk… so basically all animal fats.

I do NOT fear saturated fat, and in fact, believe it is essential for good health…

And I prefer animal fats because they also contain valuable nutrients for the human organism, like Vitamin K, Vitamin E, stearic acid, odd-chain fatty acids, and butyric acid.

I’ve talked about stearic acid in the past, and there are studies that show if you deprive people of stearic acid, there are negative changes in the mitochondria.

But these negative changes are reversed, and we see beta oxidation (fat burning) turn on when stearic acid is reintroduced.

I’ve also purposely constructed my diet to minimize linoleic acid (a polyunsaturated omega 6 fatty acid), which is another reason I prefer animal fats. Because they are much lower in linoleic acid than plant fats.

Excess linoleic acid is highly problematic for humans, I’ve talked about this many times and if you want a deep dive then check out this podcast I did with Tucker Goodrich and Jeff Nobbs.

One problem is we store excess linoleic acid in our fat cells, and this accumulation leads to damage, cell membrane fragility, and changes in cell signaling cascades…

And linoleic acid also appears to be problematic for satiety, acting on the cannabinoid receptors of the brain, leading to cravings for junk food, and overeating.

There is also evidence that it takes YEARS for the cells in your body to turn over and remove excess linoleic acid, which can mean a very slow, gradual progression out of conditions like diabetes, obesity etc for many people.

Animal fats like tallow and butter are 2-3% linoleic acid, which I believe is an evolutionary appropriate amount for human health…

But plant fats contain much more… for example, seed oils start around 20 – 25% for canola, going up to 65% for things like sunflower, or grape seed…

And below seed oils are things like avocado and olive oil, which can have anywhere from 8 to 25% linoleic acid.

Here is a daily breakdown of the fatty acids in my diet (from this recent podcast I did):

And you can see that I’m getting 5.5 g of omega-6 fatty acids, which is predominantly the small amount of linoleic acid coming from the animal foods I eat.

Working that out as an overall percentage of my diet it comes out to 1.3% of my calories coming from linoleic acid.

And that’s what I think is an evolutionarily consistent level for humans – below 2% of our calories from linoleic acid is critical.

Once you go above 3-4% of linoleic acid calories in your diet I think that’s where humans begin to have problems metabolically… and we know most people are getting 9 or 10% of their calories from linoleic acid from all the seed oils they are getting 🤯

So if I can give you one big piece of advice to improve your health, it would be to minimize the amount of linoleic acid in your diet.

Start with removing the main source which is seed oils, and replace with high quality animal-fats like butter, tallow or ghee. Of course doing this will also mean you need to remove most processed foods, because they contain seed oils. But if you do this I believe you will experience significant improvements in terms of body composition, inflammation and vitality.