Jan 12, 2023

I just keep trying to remember: take care of your mitochondria and they will take care of you, or they will chose apoptosis.

Mitochondria like: 1) fatty acids 2) ketones 3) sugars are ok.

Mitochondria choke on (apoptosis) excess(!) Omega-6 fatty acids.


DoctorTro @DoctorTro 
The bottom line is this: Medicine, in its current state, is reactionary. They react to a problem AFTER it occurs.
RSR comment, this is what humans have always done, but we are in a position to learn, AND we naturally ate what humans are  designed to eat… not what is designed to make Kellog, etc rich. see next:
Nina Teicholz   @bigfatsurprise
If you want to live long, you need to get ahead of the disease curve. That means catching disease progression much earlier, in your 20s, 30s. Not allowing yourself to become insulin resistant.
DoctorTro  @DoctorTro
I have a serious problem with the term “pre-diabetes.” The prefix “pre” is used to describe what comes before something. In reality, “pre”-diabetes is actually AFTER or “post” 15 years of the high insulin levels & inflammation associated with the modern lifestyle.
Totally unrelated; however, very interesting.. Oil, etc is not left over from dinosaurs, but an ongoing product of earth itself…non-life genesis of oil!! <-link