Jan 17, 2023

Push up 0 25 Bench 105-125-137-105 5x5x5x5 Press 65-75-85 5x5x5 Tricep Stack 62-67-72-75 5x5x5x5 DB Lat Raise 10-15-15-10 5x5x5x5

•             full story – via RFK, Jr
How Big Food Captured the World’s Largest Public Health Nutrition Group

What do the Academy’s internal documents reveal?

Public health researchers and U.S. Right to Know assessed the Academy’s dealings with food, pharmaceutical and agribusiness corporations, and reported these findings:

  • The Academy accepted millions of dollars from food, pharmaceutical and agribusiness companies, and had policies to provide favors and benefits in return.
  • The Academy and its foundation have invested in ultra-processed food and pharmaceutical companies.
  • Academy leaders have been employed by or consulted for multinational food, pharmaceutical and agribusiness corporations.
  • The Academy has discussed policies to fit the needs of its food, agribusiness and pharmaceutical industry sponsors.

The documents are posted here.

big food capture nutrition feature


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