Feb 3, 2023

P. D. Mangan Health & Freedom Maximalist  @Mangan150
Research that studied the relation between sugar-sweetened beverages (SSBs) and obesity/diabetes were 33 times more likely to have negative results when funded by the SSB industry.
Now think of all the drug studies funded by pharma.

Jan 31, 2023

Weight Goal: 142.6 Jan DEC Start – Jan 2018 2022 Best Best Efforts End Year 2022 End Year 2021 End Year 2020 End Year 2019 End Year 2018
Weight 165.8 168 224 168 166.2 168 178.6 185.2 184 191
Bench Press 137×5 165 195 165 21 165 21 170*5 180 115
Dead Lift 170×5 155×5 205 195×4 330 150×5 175*3 250*5 265×2 315
Leg Press 230×6 215×12   320×3 320×3 210×12 295*8 155*5 125×8  
Longest Jog 0.9 mi 20:44 1.05 mi 27:05 2.11 mi 50:50 1.10mi 24:02 4.54 mi 1:11:14 1.05 mi 27:05 1.11mi 30:00 1.09 mi 22:55 1.97 mi 36:49 4.54 mi 1:11:14
Mile Run (Jog?)   25:04 18:39 21:55 15:53 25:04 “22:6 “20:30 18:22 13:02

Jan 30, 2023

Dr Saladino again.. 1) a discussion of animal based pregnancy and dealing with the current fertility crisis. 2) questions and answers on magnesium and plant sources.

Good morning!

Exciting news for you today… at Heart & Soil we’ve just released a mini doc about animal-based pregnancies… It’s called Nourished and highlights the experiences of three moms who did an animal-based diet during their pregnancies…

Watch Nourished

This film has a really important message to share about nutrition and its impact on human reproductive health…

Because when you think about what’s happening to our fertility today, with 1 in 5 couples having trouble conceiving, it’s pretty scary 😱

And I think this is something that is definitely linked to the decline in the quality of our diet… 📉

Animal foods like meat and organs have always been treasured for their ability to support pregnancy and fertility…

And when we look at them in the context of a nutritional hierarchy they CLEARLY come out on top in terms of absolute amounts of nutrients present and nutrient bioavailability…

Yet we’ve effectively stopped eating them in meaningful amounts, and expecting moms are told to get their nutrients from prenatal synthetic vitamins instead.

I think this is probably providing them with a false sense of security and not setting them or their babies up for optimal health.

And one of the most gratifying parts of getting to do what I do has been hearing from parents who were able to overcome their fertility problems by eating these foods in an animal-based diet (more on that below from Harry and Ellie)… because hearing from couples who were unable to conceive for a long time and then all of a sudden are experiencing the miracle of life is incredible!

The power of an animal-based diet to support fertility is something that needs to be heard around the world, which is why we did this documentary at Heart & Soil.

You can watch Nourished here and please share it with anyone you know in your life who you think could benefit from this important message!


What are the best sources for magnesium and should I be supplementing? – Kellie

You have heard that getting enough magnesium is important… it is a mineral that is essential for optimal energy, DNA and muscle repair, glucose control, and it’s involved in hundreds of reactions in your body…

But if you want to get magnesium from the foods you eat, this nutrient has to be BIOAVAILABLE… meaning that you have to be able to absorb it into your body.

The best sources of magnesium that are also bioavailable are coconut water, raw milk, orange juice, bananas, avocados, and meat/organs…🥑🥛

All of these foods also happen to be animal based, and by consuming a mix of them on any given day it’s pretty easy to get the RDA for magnesium (300-400mg daily)…

But you’ve probably heard that things like leafy greens, nuts, chocolate or beans are good sources of magnesium…

These foods do contain this mineral, but they ALSO contain compounds like phytic acid and oxalates that prevent magnesium (and other minerals like zinc etc) from being fully absorbed and utilized by your body… 👎

MOST of the foods you’ve been told are great sources of magnesium don’t do much to improve your body’s levels of this mineral at ALL…

I easily get 450mg of magnesium in a day with things like coconut water, milk, fresh squeezed OJ (yes, I juice it myself!), meat, heart, liver…

So if you really want to get more magnesium, focus on the animal based foods that have this mineral in a bioavailable form, and avoid the foods that will rob you of this mineral.

Isn’t an animal-based diet going to cause poor gut diversity due to a lack of fiber? – William

Everybody wants a diverse gut microbiome… and yes diversity of the gut microbiome (measured with alpha diversity) is often associated with “gut health…”

But I don’t believe plant fiber is the way to get there.

Because in multiple controlled trials, like this one, plant fiber has been shown to have zero effect on diversity of the gut…. 👎👎

So if you think those salads, whole grains, or massive fiber bombs are increasing the diversity of your gut microbiome, research suggests otherwise… 🤔

The good news is that in this study, FERMENTED foods like yogurt, kefir, kombucha, even sauerkraut DID increase alpha diversity of the gut…

(yes sauerkraut is fermented cabbage = vegetable, the fermentation process removes many of the plant defense chemicals, thankfully) 🤙

And we know that UV light (like sunlight) also increases diversity of the gut microbiome, apparently through vitamin D… (unknown if vitamin D supplements would do this also, but possible)… ☀️

So fiber for the gut microbiome? I would pass. You will get a small amount of fiber daily from fruit, but I think the biggest benefit for your gut will be to include fermented foods (I’m a big fan of fermented raw dairy), and to EXCLUDE the things that will mess up your gut like processed foods, seed oils and grains.



After trying to conceive for nearly two years, I discovered Paul Saladino and Heart and Soil.

After a few weeks of eating more animal based and my husband taking Whole Package and me taking Her Package, we are beyond excited to have conceived our baby boy!

– Ellie and Harry

Jan 29, 2023

01/22/23 169.4 LH Caps LB Caps rib eye rib eye prunes
01/23/23 167.6 LH Caps LB Caps hamburger calamari hamburger
01/24/23 166.8 LH Caps LB Caps hamburger T-bone
01/25/23 166 LH Caps LB Caps hamburger calamari T-bone
01/26/23 167.2 LH Caps LB Caps hamburger honey sardines raisins rib eye
01/27/23 166.2 LH Caps LB Caps rib eye, raisins salmon hamburger
01/28/23 LH Caps LB Caps rib eye hamburger
01/29/23 167 LH Caps LB Caps  hamburger pepperoni

Jan 28, 2023

Interesting assertion here.  Namely that 50,000 years ago we over did it and had to find other food…. What other consequences happened?  Interesting to down several roads: did our habits evolve?  did kings come from this? other social structures?  our eating (is this why we ended up doing veggies)? …????????????

Trevor Turton  @TrevorTrtn        Replying to @LoreofRunning & @bendormiki
The archeological record shows that humans were apex predators for 2 million years until we became so successful and numerous we hunted out our preferred prey about 50,000 years ago.
Read about it here.

From the article:  “Evidence from human biology was supplemented by . For instance, research on stable isotopes in the bones of prehistoric humans, as well as hunting practices unique to humans, show that humans specialized in hunting large and medium-sized animals with high fat content. Comparing humans to large social predators of today, all of whom hunt large animals and obtain more than 70% of their energy from animal sources, reinforced the conclusion that humans specialized in hunting large animals and were in fact hypercarnivores.”

“Our study addresses a very great current controversy—both scientific and non-scientific,” says Prof. Barkai. “For many people today, the Paleolithic diet is a critical issue, not only with regard to the past, but also concerning the present and future. It is hard to convince a devout vegetarian that his/her ancestors were not vegetarians, and people tend to confuse personal beliefs with scientific reality. Our study is both multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary. We propose a picture that is unprecedented in its inclusiveness and breadth, which clearly shows that humans were initially apex predators, who specialized in hunting large animals. As Darwin discovered, the adaptation of species to obtaining and digesting their food is the main source of evolutionary changes, and thus the claim that humans were apex predators throughout most of their development may provide a broad basis for fundamental insights on the biological and cultural evolution of humans.”

Jan 27, 2023

The year is 2036.
People all around the country are embracing each other…
Cheering endlessly for the triumph that’s to come…
Some even crying, for it has been a long journey.
The news stations, news papers, and social media updates all read the same…
“Carnivore Aurelius WINS 2036 Election”
Immediately upon being sworn into office, Carnivore Aurelius gets to work.
He immediately rushes to the Oval Office where a fat stack of bills are waiting for him to be signed, this is his time to shine.
In one fell swoop, his signature changes the course of humanity, paving a new way for mankind.
Sneakers – Banned.
Seed Oils – Banned.
Birth Control – Banned.
The News – Banned.
Porn – Banned.
Teflon Cookware – Banned.
Polyester – Banned.
Plastic – Banned.
Synthetic Fragrances – Banned.
Speakable Sunscreen – Banned.
Fluoride – Banned.
Receipts – Banned.
Toxic Deodorant – Banned.
Cubicle Workspaces – Banned.
Oat Milk – Banned.
Beyond Meat – Banned.
They called it, The Great 16, and it seemed like overnight everyone was happier and healthier.
Did Carnivore Aurelius completely bypass the democratic process of passing these bills?
When he was told by his assistants that these bills would need to be passed through congress…
He simply MOO’d at them and no one made any other demands.
Immediately after accomplishing The Great 16, Carnivore Aurelius went back to work and fixed the food pyramid.
Liver, Grass Fed Steak, Eggs, Raw Milk, Butter, Honey, Rice, Well-Cooked Mushrooms, Raw Carrots, Organic Fruits, and much more all had a home in the family fridge.
Lunches for children across the country were transformed.
Grocery stores were forced to remove their poisonous processed garbage from their shelves…
The bastards at Johnson & Johnson and General Mills put up a good fight…
But they were no match for The United States Air Force which Carnivore Aurelius had at his disposal.
And this was all within the first 2 days of his inauguration.
What happened next?
Stay tuned to the newsletter to find out 😉
Carnivore Aurelius

Jan 25, 2023

you cannot trust the news, why?  are they controlled by the government?

PeterSweden @PeterSweden7
It has now gone several days since the massive covid conference in Sweden. Top doctors exposed the dangers of the mRNA vaccines to a massive audience. Still total silence from the mainstream media.
Dr. Simon Goddek  @goddeketal
Given the revelation that some medical professionals may have misled the public about Covid, it raises the question of whether similar dishonesty may have occurred regarding other diseases that are commonly considered to be incurable.