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Mitochondria and the Future of Medicine: The Key to Understanding Disease, Chronic Illness, Aging, and Life Itself  Lee Know, ND (Canadian Naturopathic Dr.)  How evidence‐based medicine is failing due to biased trials and selective publication  “From infertility to aging to cancer and neurological disease, Dr. Lee Know will teach you mitochondria play a central role in much that we care about in health and disease.”—Stephanie Seneff, senior research scientist, MIT and author of Toxic Legacy

The Brain Energy Theory of Mental Illness  Dr Christopher Palmer “This is the book that will forever change the way we understand and treat mental health.

Science or Manipulation?,harmful%20or%20more%20expensive%20treatments.

Web Sites:

Dr. Robert Lustig, Professor Emeritus of Endocrinology, UCSF

Exercise: notice I believe in gaining strength. Never too Old to Lift is a physical therapist who would confirm. Page is a gentle introduction.

Helping you decode the science so you can transform your health. Fat Emperor is a biochemist.

Scientific American article which shows a STUDY where patients were fed a controlled diet and results kept. Cholesterol and SAD examined in 1970.

Link page to : an overview of medical papers and other publications relevant to human physiology in the context of carbohydrate restriction, and to the role of carbohydrate-restricted diets in physical activity and in the treatment and/or prevention of chronic diseases. (Found 9/7/2019)

MeatHeals a page with testimonials about meat based diets. It has a link to tons of research.

NUSI a new (April 2019) site with nutritional research. has a lot of links to carnivore people and a page of societies which eat meat.  Appears to be a gold mine.

Mark’s Daily Apple has a list of keto sites. Mark is an early and vigorous Paleo health advocate.  appears to be a lengthy discussion, many aspects.

Paleo Mom – a PhD medical researcher who has overcome health issues with medical research and Paleo diet.

Zoe Harcomb, PhD. And This page  on studies which challenge today’s orthodoxy.

world life expectancy.

–M.D.’s and groups:

Amber O’Hearn page.  About Keto, she has evolved to carnivory. and changed again as she has come to believe more completely in the carnivore way. :: 10 minute video on reversing diabetes with Jason Fung, MD.

Gary Fettke, MD, surgeon who recommends avoid fructose and veggie oils.

Paleo Medicine Group in Hungary – site in English.  A variation on what to do. :: Jeffry Gerber, MD

About The Big Fat Surprise

Dr Shawn Baker  U Texas trained orthopedic surgeon, carnivore, athlete and now offering online training. :: Dr Tim Noakes, MD  :: MIT grad and MD

Dr Terry Wahls, MD is a physician who has fought Multiple Sclerosis, mostly using her own research and the Paleo Diet.

The Nutrition Coalition discusses science, the carb industry and health.

Amy Berger – a nutritionist a lot of information, not just what to eat.

P.D. Mangum, microbiologist, has evolved to near meat only. His web page offers exercise and diet recommendations.

Chris Kresser, functional medicine..  talks about chronic disease and has a view on all meat diets. He refers to Dr. Sarah Ballantyne, PhD, listed below with her book, but also the Paleo Mom.  And Soybeans

–Psychiatrists:   Dr Brogan practices in NYC. Background is MIT, Cornell and NYU  :: Georgia Ede, MD Background is U Vermont and internship at Harvard University’s Cambridge Hospital

Dr Paul Saladino, psychologist :: U Arizona med school, residency U Washington, practices in San Diego.

Animal Fat  article by Dr. Ede.

–Questions about studies:

An analysis of The China Study.

Discussion about the Corruption(!) of American medicine. By editors of NEJM from NY Times.

British Journal Sports Medicine:  Saturated fat does not clog arteries.

Article saying no benefit to fiber in colo-rectal cancer.  NEJM – Retrospective Study – 1999

Article discussing studies which can not be confirmed:

Ever wonder why studies are not published?  ::

List of Studies of Low Carb Diets: Thanks to Dr Sarah Hallberg (MD) via Twitter @DrSarahHallberg

VirtaHealth’s list of low Carb studies.

above: updated 8/20/18


An Independent scientist/ analyst Chris Rentsch.


Powerlifting over 50: Mastering the Skills… Richard Schuller.

Phil Maffetone, DC and comments on HR: Heart Rate info.

Effect of cold water post exercise: Study report.

Stretching is not so great. Have not seen an article for it since 2006.

Phil Maffetone, DC on weakness window. Discusses rest after hard training as essential to safety and growth.

–Other Links:

Questions about eating various things.

Italian oncologist talks about conflict of interest from industry.

Corporate political activity of the food industry and how they change the dialogue.

Cereal companies and how they make themselves look good and others bad.

Ted Talk on the effect of grazing on desertification. Uses livestock.

How long did ancient peoples live?

Hong Kong vs India or Meat vs Plants and life expectancy. And cardiovascular health.

BMJournal article from 2013(!) shows that polyunsaturated fats are harmful.  No, make that: “increase the rate of death.”

Red Meat and Cancer: Discussed by Dr Ede.   or Discussed by Financial Times.(may ask for subscription)

Amber O’Hearn discusses her carnivore diet and at the 26:40 point discusses what happens to mTOR in a Ketotic state with Siim Land, an anthropologist. Same tape on YouTube.

Dr Malcolm Kendrick on what causes heart disease. Thoughts on the process.

And Dr Kendrick follows up on cholesterol, what really happens and how cholesterol was vilified.

Dr Kendrick pathogenesis of athero-sclerosis… how it actually happens. Clotting…

Dr. Kendrick causes of heart disease. next article.

Atherosclerosis is a chronic inflammatory disease: Sci-Hub article.

How the food industry influences evidence and opinions.

D. Diamond PhD YouTube video on demonizing meat and the history of deception. Funny! Around the 41:00-42:00 minute mark he shows the risk of statins (including diabetes and joint/ muscle pain), without statistical benefits.

And, is Salt the villain? Apparently not.

Ketone supplements?  Diet Doctor does a study.  Not impressive.


Sacred Cow – Diana Rogers & Robb Wolf

Deep Nutrition – Dr Catherine Shanahan

eBook by Amber O’Hearn

Art and Science of Low Carbohydrate Performance – Volek, PhD, RD Phinney, MD, PhD

Born to Run – McDougall :: great story, introduces barefoot running

Corre! Historias Vidas – Karnazes :: Espanol – fun short running stories to
inspire, translated from the English

Courir Leger – Sehel :: Francais – how to run correctly

Der Ernährungskompass: Das Fazit aller wissenschaftlichen Studien zum Thema Ernährung – Mit den 12 wichtigsten Regeln der gesunden Ernährung  – Bas Kast – Recommended by Herr Dr. Jens. A science writers story of examining the science, coming to his own conclusions, to save his own life.

Hacking of the American Mind – Lustig

Healthy Eating: The Big Mistake: How Modern Medicine Got it Wrong… – Verner Wheelock, PhD – a food scientist from Ireland analyses the diabetes, etc epidemic.

Misguided Medicine – Colin Champ, MD

Natural Born Heroes – McDougall :: just a great story around running and human             achievement, pretty interesting comments on Dr. Noakes

Living and Eating Deliberately – Lefas :: Eating and living on a Greek Island

Paleo Approach – Ballantyne, PhD :: also does Paleo Mom blog, in depth work on             food immunity

Paleo Manifesto – Durant

Paleo Soultion – Robb Wolfe – one of the original “Paleo” guides, his website by the talks about Paleo v Keto and other health enhancing issues.

Powerlifting over 50: Mastering the Skills… Richard Schuller.

Primal Body Primal Mind – Gedgaudas :: the book that put me on the road

Primal Fat Burner – Gedgaudas :: newest information

Real Meal Revolution – Proudfoot

Road to Sparta – Karnazes

Running with the Kenyans – Finn :: a pretty good runner tells about his time with

Running Science – Owen Anderson, PhD

Super Immunity – Fuhrman, MD :: As close as I could find to a vegetarian             approach to health, by an MD

Slow Jogging – Tanaka

Way of the Runner – Finn :: Finns running in Japan

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