May 17, 2023

Who would believe 60 years later I would post this??  RFK,Jr is becoming my choice for president.. Scary, but he articlulates the problems and solutions better than anyone IMHO!

“In any event, drawn to the forbidden, and curious about the conspiracies, I spent a few days in 2020 with Kennedy’s book The Real Anthony Fauci: Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health, a work that sold more than a million copies after publication that year even as it was found unfit for reviewing attention in the Times and elsewhere. And here is my layman’s diagnosis of this dangerous character: The source of Kennedy’s troubles is a chronic inability to tolerate the intellectual dishonesty he finds in his antagonists. He would fully recover, returning to the life of liberal accolades he once knew, if only he didn’t have so much integrity.”

I think Trump is too old, too bombastic, and too cocky to admit mistakes – like Keeping Fauci or approving the (it is not really a) vaccine.

I do like DeSantis OK, and Tim Scott, and especially Vivek Ramaswamy; however, RFK Jr is articulating the problems and solutions…..

just me.

Push up 0 19 machine fly 135-155-175=155 5x5x5 Press Machine 40-50-65-55 5x5x5
Shoulder raise 55 8 Tricep Pushdown 55-65-70 5x5x5      
Twists 55 9 Back Extension Machine 110 10 Face Pullback 30 10

May 5, 2023

wondering if I am overdoing supplements especially Tumeric & Melatonin???

Back Extension Machine 85 14 Pull back 25 12 Deadlift 115x135x150 5x5x5
Twists 50 8 Squat 45x50x55 5x5x5 Pulldown underhand grip 75 10

May 4, 2023

Keto – diets, not necessarily Paleo-Keto:

1- “So I want to be clear about what this means. This means that a ketogenic diet is a powerful gene-signaling, metabolic therapy for the brain.”  FROM: a mental health blogger

2- FROM:  mental health keto blogger


So yes, mitochondria are the powerhouses of our cells, responsible for producing the energy that our cells need to function properly. But the processes of mitochondrial dynamics, mitochondrial mitophagy, and mitochondrial biogenesis are also crucial for maintaining these vital organelles’ health and proper function.

Through these processes, cells can regulate energy production and metabolism in the brain. We need these pathways working well to adapt to changing energy demands, respond to cellular stressors, and prevent the accumulation of damaged or dysfunctional mitochondria. And what happens when these pathways are impaired in the brain? We see the development of mental illness and neurodegenerative disorders.

If that last statement sounds scandalous and unscientific, you need to catch up on the fields of metabolic psychiatry and neurology. I would recommend you check out Chris Palmer’s book Brain Energy