Jun 17, 2021

  • CNN’s Fareed Zakaria starts his comments with “well the adults are in the room.” Do you expect objective reporting?
  • CNN calls the Arizona audit the “Faux-audit”. objective?
  • CNN Jan 6 video includes Jade Sacker with Antifa member John Sullivan. What does “We did it” mean? Does it look violent? https://twitter.com/i/status/1405501673762590721
  • Why have MSNBC’s ratings collapsed since they no longer have Trump to villify. .. But watch, they still keep him front and center, WHY?
  • These are the same people pushing AGW and soybean nutrition. See why I am skeptical?

Jun 12, 2021

Science as done by government:

Why would a black person trust the government after Tuskegee?

DDT was used directly on kids to kill insects.

Thalidomide was FDA approved. ….

they seem to have a perfect track record…


——–me: new low weight 179.6 lbs. And NOT hungry.

did “deChambeau” workout…. easy stuff, but lots of stretching.

Jun 4, 2021

Here is the “deChambeau” workout, done today. Not so sure my terminology reflects what he does, or “MAT” for the matter, but it is convenient for me.

Exercise Weight Reps
Spinal Extension 90 10
Hip in Rotation 80 10
Hip out Rotation 80 10
Chest Press 135 11
Pull down 100 12
Flys 60 10
Pull back 60 10
Machine Press 55 12
Spinal Rotation 80 10
GluteThigh pushback 75 10
Spinal Flexion 30 10
Spinal Side Bend 20 10
One Arm Row 55 10
Triceps Pressdown 50 13
Farmer Carry 30 10
C.S. Row 30 10