Who am I

Scott Reeves, DVM – Practiced small animal medicine until 2013 in private practice.
DVM: UGA 1978
Capt. USAF: 4 years 1967-1971
BA: U of Arizona 1967 – “Bear Down!”
Born 1945, currently living in Newnan, GA

Like to travel: Road Scholar is great especially for intergeneration education. Prior to that had some great vacations in rental cars in France, England, Portugal and Spain. Some of the things we stumbled on cannot be duplicated.


Started this out believing in Paleo – whatever that is. Still think that is valid. However, as I have noted food reactions in my body, I am coming to believe that many of us, NOT ALL, should eat mostly, if not all meat. I especially believe that COULD be true for Northern Europeans who moved into areas where vegetables were simply not available many months of the year.  I have no science behind this thought.

It also seems to me that vegetarians (and vegans) are acting on belief rather than science.  How to show that meat based is good? Example seems to be the best way. This is still N=1.

So, furthermore, but, however, and therefore:

  • 2016, I went gluten free and lost 10 lbs and stopped having inhalant allergies.
  • 2018, I started this blog and went low carb and lost 33 lbs.
  • 2019, see what happens with running and meat.   SEPT: Fractured my right cheek. This affects the Vagus nerve, which I thought led to A-fib which is exacerbated by caffeine. Turns out the problem is complete heart block (no electrical impulse from atria to ventricles). Ended  up with pacemaker to deal with this.  This in turn makes me wonder about Lyme’s disease, since I have had many ticks on me.  Lyme’s test was negative.
  • 2020, enjoying the lifting; jogging some; convinced of the meat; making sure I get liver.

And: thanks to Ruben Flores, here are my strength goals as stated on June 19, 2019

  • Bench Press 225 x 4
  • Deadlift 325 x 4
  • Squat 295 x 4