May 31, 2021

WindTalker RetweetedArtist@Artist06730777Dr Fauci is now recommending wearing two earplugs so you don’t find out the truth about Covid’s origin”

Ken D Berry MD @KenDBerryMD·There are benefits to eating a Proper Human Diet that big-pharma has a problem with… Is this fair??

May 29, 2021

Many years ago (2004), I stumbled onto “ProBodX” in a book by Marv Marinovich. It offers, flexibility and rehab, which given the recent neck and upper back problems seems appropriate.

So I am working lighter with the “DeChambeau” workout and the “ProBodX” workout and still trying to do more on the hack squats, dead lifts and bench presses.




  Hack Squat 225 4 135-180-225
      Leg Press 225 8  
  May Last Month End Year 2020 Start – Jan 2018 2021 Best Best Efforts End Year 2020 End Year 2019 End Year 2018
Weight 181 182.8 185.2 224 181 181 185.2 184 191
Bench Press 170 185 170*5 195 175*2 200 170*5 180 115
Dead Lift 225 265*2 250*5 205 275*2 330 250*5 265×2 315
Hack Squat 225*4 0 155*5   165 165×5 155*5 125×8  
Longest Jog     1.09 mi 22:55 2.11 mi 50:50 1.34 mi 38:00 4.54 mi 1:11:14 1.09 mi 22:55 1.97 mi 36:49 4.54 mi 1:11:14
Mile Run (Jog?)     “20:30 18:39 24:52 15:53 “20:30 18:22 13:02


May 21, 2021

yes, still doing it, did “DeChambeau” workout yesterday – 15 exercises.


Leg Press 220 18 55 secs

avoiding pressure on my upper back and neck until I see the chiropractor.


another group of doctors with lots of experience offer their view:

Dr. Simone Gold@drsimonegold· America’s Frontline Doctors has just filed a lawsuit in federal court seeking a temporary restraining order against use of the COVID-19 vaccine in children. AFLDS will protect our civil liberties and uncompromising right to bodily integrity.

More thoughts, same subject:

“Since dec 2020 through april 23rd 2021 (4 months), there have been 3362 deaths for covid vaccine. That’s roughly 30 people a day dying from this vaccine. Vaers is estimated by most people that follow it as being less than 1 percent of what actually happens.

Compare the covid vaccine to the mandated vaccine for bacterial meningitis, 1 person died between the time of 2007 and 2015

In the four months of 2021 we’ve had more covid-19 experimental vaccine deaths than all the vaccine deaths for the 15 year period between 1997 and 2013 plus almost 1000 heart attacks and over 8000 hospitalizations”

May 17, 2021

Wayne Dunlap@wdunlap·

IT’S TIME TO FOLLOW THE SCIENCE! Numerous Scientific studies have shown MASKS ARE NOT EFFECTIVE against microscopic viruses! Read about them:

1967 video from Twitter.  Why are all the people so skinny?

May 16, 2021

Who to trust?

Alan Watson@DietHeartNews

Ancel Keys 1st RCT: MN Coronary Experiment. Trial disproved his hypothesis, so Keys did what any good scientist would do – he buried it. Long-term Framingham study showed no correlation between saturated fat & CHD – buried too! Fraud, deception at the federal level!

or this

from a Twitter user: Each one of these photos is an “after” pic. Each one, I was proud of what I’d accomplished. Each one, I was healthier & happier than the one before. Each one was a valuable step to where I am today.


Dead lift 225 1