What to Eat

This post dates from 2020 or so, not sure. April 2022, note I am adding fruit to the good list and more specifically saying most green veggies are OK. Just watch for reactions on lots of things, such as nightshades. See the video at the end.

  • Meat: beef, lamb, goat, including liver and possibly kidneys.
  • Fish: especially salmon
  • Cheeses
  • Some fruit

Avoid – turning out this is critical, also:

  • soybean meal
  • soybean oil, especially
  • other vegetable oils: corn, canola
  • gluten: wheat
  • other above ground starches: corn, rice, oats
  • probably potatoes as they have been genetically modified


  • Strongly consider supplements of Ca, Mg, D3 and Omega-3
  • If you have arthritis, allergies, acne, etc, consider food elimination trials
  • depression and mood swings, food elimination trials
  • especially nightshades
  • no fiber if you have constipation issues!! really.

Steffanson spent more than a decade at the beginning of the 20th century living among the Inuit of extreme Northern Canada-this is from his 1957 interview in which he describes their food!